Care Instructions & Tips

We guarantee the high quality of our furs

All our fur are controlled thoroughly by experts to meet the high quality standards needed to make a fine garment. Artisti Elena is so durable that it can be restyled to provide many more years of enjoyment. If the maintenance instruction are followed correctly, your fur garment is guaranteed to last for a great deal of time.

Care Instructions for your fur

Fur is true easy-care material. Here are some care instructions for your fur.

  • Fur needs to breathe. Hang your fur garment on a broadshouldered or padded clothes hanger, allowing it to hang freely. Do not use a wire hanger. Do not store in a garment bag of synthetic material. Direct sunlight may cause fur colour to fade.
  • Fur adapts perfectly to snow and rain. Shake your wet fur garment and hang it up to dry in a well – ventilated and dry room. Avoid direct heat sources since high temperatures will damage both fur and leather. Once the fur is dry, shake it again.
  • During warm weather, or if you don’t need your fur for an extended period of time, store your fur with a professional furrier or fur storage facility, where it will be kept under optimal conditions. should you prefer to store your fur at home, chose a fard, cool, ventilated room.
  • Depending on how often you use your fur, have it cleaned by a professional fur cleaner, once a year or every second year. With proper care, your fur will retain its look for decades.
  • Fur travels easily. Fold it before putting it in your suitcase and simply shake it when you arrive at your destination.

Fur Garment Care Tips

Here are a few simple tips that will keep your garment looking beautiful.

  • Place your fur garment on a well-formed hanger.
  • If your fur is wet from rain or snow, let it dry naturally in a cold, dry place.
  • Never use artificial heat. When the fur is dry, shake it well to restore the smoothness.
  • Do not use a brush or comb.
  • Fur travels well. Pack it as you would a normal garment. After unpacking, shake it lightly and place it on hanger.
  • Store your fur garment in a dry, cool place in the summer, do not enclose it plastic for an extended period of time. Let it breathe!